"The Crossover" Vented Tunnel System (Patent Pending): With this technology, the boats deep vee hull can operate with either a jet pump or a propeller. The heart of this system is the vented tunnel used in conjunction with a hydraulic jack plate. One of the added benefits of the vented tunnel is the ability to run a standard propeller higher in the water than any other typical vee hull. When switching to the jet foot on an outboard you typically have to remove and remount the engine because of the differences in lower unit heights. With the crossover vented tunnel system, all the user needs to do is remove the gear case, bolt on the jet pump then raise the engine using the hydraulic jack plate. With the jet foot mounted, the boat will be outfitted to operate in even shallower waters.  And with the tunnel vent closed you have the ability to operate the jet foot substantially higher than most other conventional boats.



IMS Jack Plate: IMS has designed and manufactured its own jack plate design to work in conjunction with our Crossover Vented Tunnel System. We use a fully enclosed pump and ram unit milled from a solid piece of pure aluminum. The hydraulic ram can allow for vertical adjustment up to 8 inches. The vertical "rails" the mounting plate slides between are machined from solid 6061 aluminum stock and are beautifully cut to include gussets for added strength. Our jack plate unit is built with an emphasis of strength and is proudly displayed on our Life Proof Boats. 




Vented Tunnel System for Sterndrive Engines (Patent Pending): Our new sterndrive tunnel hull, patent pending, allows the sterndrive to be mounted higher on the transom than other manufactures do. This means less drag, less drag means better fuel efficiency and more speed. This also means less draft for navigation in shallower waters, and the ability to trim the lower unit higher than the bottom of the boat, preventing damage to the lower unit in the event the boat sits on dry ground. 




Side Sheet Air Boxes (Patent Pending): Air tight compartments were built into the side sheets to displace water inboard and capture the water down low in the boat, before draining through the self bailing scuppers, to increase stability in the catastrophic event the boat were to rapidly fill with water. 




Air/ Foam Hybrid Collars (Patented) : One of the new patent pending technologies we are pioneering is a new collar design that leans on the benefits of both foam collars and air collars. With our air/ foam hybrid system, we can adjust any desirable ratio of air to foam inside of the collar system. The benefits of having the air/ foam hybrid collar are that they are softer to the user, easier to replace, and easier to ship. With foam collars you have the redundancy of flotation even in the event the air bladder is ruptured. With this technology you have the benefits of both systems. 



FAST Closed Cell Foam Buoyancy Stabilizers: The FAST collar system provides superior buoyancy, unparalleled stability and maximum collision protection in a cutting edge, heavy duty package that allows your boat to operate  in the toughest conditions of its class. Manufactured with industry leading equipment and techniques, polyurethane covered foam collars provide a light weight, stable, and seaworthy ride. Used in conjunction with our collar systems our decks are water tight and self bailing which allow them to quickly evacuate any water that may enter the boat. Under the self bailing decks is additional polyethylene foam to achieve maximum flotation and to provide sound deadening for a quieter ride. 

Performance Fins: With Inventech Marine's performance fin, located below the collar the boat stays flat in the corners. They provide unmatched performance and greatly reduce heel in corners.